Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Glisten and glow ridge relief base coat Testing Part 1

So yesterday, I decided it would be an awesome time to dye my hair. I had a fresh new manicure on so I would be putting this basecoats lasting power to the true test. I'm gonna list all the things I did before I post photos of my manicure 

-Washed dishes (4 times) 
-Washed my hands themselves 10 times (yes i counted)
-Messed with some flour 
-Dyed my hair 
-Washed my hair and conditioned it (I also flat ironed it which needs the use of oil and you guessed it MORE WATER!) 

Aside from my fingers looking blue and me looking like a murdered a smurf, this basecoat really helped my mani stick through all the abuse my hands endured. 

So here are my hands: 

2 chips on my left hand 

2 chips on my right hand

only 1 thumb chipped! 

I could've easily gotten away with my nails in this condition another 2-3 days but, lets face it, chipped nails bother me! I think for the amount of water I used all over my hands AND blue hair dye this is amazing and aside from those few chips no other nails were peeling or lifting. The polish was basically glued and stuck just where it was. 

I decided to sleep with the nails as is and when i woke up they looked the same as they had the night before, no further chipping and no peeling, alas, I took them off and just reapplied the basecoat after some tender love and care to my poor abused babies. 

Excuse the blue staining (if you can still see it) 
I'm happy to say this basecoat helped lessen the appearance of the blue thats on the tips of my nails. 

Sorry for the awkward hand pose, its so hard to pose with my right hand XD

I love the almost milky color this basecoat gives and it makes my nails look super healthy. So aside from keeping polish on your nails where it belongs it also brightens and lightens your nails in a lovely way. 

I am about to start a new manicure using this base coat again and hopefully tomorrow we'll see how my nails held up with a little less damage. 

Thanks for reading! Bye! 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Glisten and Glow Ridge Relief base coat review

Hello my dear readers! I literally have not blogged in 5 years! 5 years! Anyway, I'm planning on changing that with this new and fabulous review of Glisten and Glow's Ridge Relief Base Coat! I was sent this polish by Jill from Glisten and Glow via her facebook group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/240068879807751/ ) to review. Initially I was going to test this on my toes (which I still will, I just won't post photos of my feet!) But once I took off my acrylic nails I realized I had been plagued with some ridges on my beloved little baby nails. So I have ahead swatches of this on my natural nails

So here are my naked nails before I did anything to them. I know nasty and dry. So sorry, if you hate nails that look like this, please keep scrolling.

As you can see I have some small ridges on some fingers, and yes they show through polish (I stupidly forgot to photograph that part *facepalm*) 

So once I got this base coat on though.... it was magical. I'm not even kidding. It dried amazingly quick for starters and left my nails still looking that semi-matte natural look. So if you love having naked nails but, don't want to be fully naked and have ridges, well, this base coat is for you. 

I also feel that this base coat made my nails look brighter. It filled into those ridges nicely. It also applied smooth like butter. This is one coat here and I'm positive it would work just well with one coat alone. 

Next it was time for color and once I applied my polish it was clear that this base coat served its purpose well. I had gotten a manicure a few days ago and my manicurist mentioned how thing and ridgy my nails looked. I just laughed but on the inside I was crying :'( 

My photos show one coat of this gorgeous nature republic polish over G&G base coat (also wearing a top coat) 

Overall, I was happy with the results. I can't vouch for how long this base coat will keep my manicure on but I'll be sure to document the progress AND (fingers crossed) post back here to update you lovely people!

Thanks for reading and thanks again to Jill for letting me test out her wonderful base coat. It's not available on her website just yet but she's got tons of other stuff available on it right now! So head on over to http://glistenandglow.bigcartel.com/ , take a peek, snag some polish and things. Also, follow her on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/glistenandglow1/?hl=en and over at the facebook group mentioned above for updates and more details!! 


*This product was sent to me on behalf of Glisten and Glow for my honest, unbiased review.*

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nail polish list and wish list!

This is my current polish collection, NONE OF THE POLISHES LISTED ARE FOR SALE AND IF I AM SELLING POLISH IT WILL BE LOCATED ON MY IG ACCOUNT Wishlist is located all the way at the bottom!

Above the curve


A England
Saint George

Azature black diamond polish

Barry M nail paint
Dusky Muave


Blue Dolphins
Grains of paradise
Ramona flowers


Black cat Lacquer
Run into flowers
We can pickle that

Cameo colours lacquer
Beauty berry

China Glaze

Angel wings
Celtic Sun
Coconut kiss
Dorothy who?
Fairy Dust
Flip flop fantasy
Glistening snow
Glitz n Pieces
Grape juice
Grape pop

Japanese Koi
Luxe and lush
Man hunt
Mosaic Madness
Moulin Rogue
Pink voltage 
Ruby pumps (4)
Secret Peri-wink-le
Senorita Bonita
Shower together
Split personality
Watermelon Rind
White Cap
With love

Coated in polish
Peach soup

Color Club

Disco Dress
Eternal Beauty
Miss Bliss
Peace out purple
Secret agent

Cult Nails

Disturbed polish
Sweet revenge

Dollish Polish

Expecto Patronum
Gotham City
I like chocolate milk

Disney Villains box set
Mango Madness

Space queen


As gold as it gets
Bahama mama
Bikini so teeny
Beyond cozy
Case study
For the twill of it
French affair
Full steam ahead 
Good as gold 
Leading lady
Meet me at the altar
Mind your mittens 
Mint candy apple
Navigate her
Naughty nautical
No baggage please 
No more film
Nothing else metals
Parka Perfect
Penny talk
Pink about it
Pretty edgy
Sand Tropez
Shine of the times 
Sugar daddy
Tart deco
The more the merrier
To buy or not to buy
Under where?
Using my maiden name

Ethereal lacquer

Dragon queen
Empire strikes back
Vampires don't sparkle

Femme fatale Lacquer 

Oh my neon!


Purple palette 
Sparkle top coat
Vintage violet

Glitter Daze 
Lei it on me 
Life is but a breeze

Love and beauty (Forever 21)

Blue and fuschia glitter
Crystal Glitter
Dark Blue 
Green/Black (speckled polish)
Pink icing

Fickle Fairy Potions
Hopelessly Devoted
Kapow Wow
Popped tarts
Total eclipse
Vamp me Baby
Fresh Paint 


Funky fingers

Berried treasure 
Evanora's envy
Mermaid Lagoon
Mrs. Mint
Park glitter
Powerful purple
Puffo gelato

Girly bits cosmetics
Mother May I?

Glitter daze
A boardwalk to remember
Lei it on me

Hard candy

Cocoa smore
Hip hip hooray
Jelly bean blue
Peach pop
Pixie pink

H&M polish

Blue my mind 
Stay golden

Island Girl 
GITD Blue glitter



The juice box

May the force be with you
Tempting teacher (mini)
Sunrise sight seeing (mini)



Julie G

Blueberry Fizz
Cabana Boy
Crushed Candy
Hot cinnamon
Rock candy
Sugar rush
Tangerine Dream


Bridal shower
Chunky holo black
Cream pearl
Holo chrome
Holo green
Metallic black
Metallic fuschia
Metallic Mango
Ocean wave
Peaceful heart
Sheer peach

LA Girl

3D silver
Brilliant Blue

Lacquer Lust


Liquid glam

Night life
Lucky charm

Liquid sky lacquer 

Blue lightning 
Lilac sol
Paradise Punch

Live Life Polished

Blueberry surprise
Blue lagoon
Circus fun (mini)
Disappearing tulips (mini)
Don't forget the glow sticks
Fun in the sun
Glitter Mania
Glitter Pants
It's my birthday (mini and Full)
No name thermal
Party on (mini)
Party Rock Girl
Peaches and cream
Pretty in pink
Top secret 2 (mini)
Trip the darkness

Creme de mint
Miss Pixie

Luscious Potions Polish
Golden Banana

Mattese Elite
Creaming my purple
Dirty slut

Blue marks the spot
Born with it
Classic camel
Clearly spotted (2)
Drops of jade
Flash of purple
High line sienna
Iced Queen
Plum paradise
Purple icon
Sapphire Masquerade
Sapphire Siren
Styled out

Miss Mya
Gator Nation 
Pahk your Cahr 

Nailnation 3000
Rainbow Fish



Fuchsia Glamour
Gramercy glitz
Highline green
Lexington Lilac
Matte top coat
Midtown Mimosa
Mulberry street
Park avenue
Skyline Blue
Starry silver glitter
Tangerine creme (2)
Tudor city teal

Apiers to be tan
Can't let go
Cha ching cherry
Dating a royal
Did you 'ear about Van gogh?
Don't burst my bubble 
DS Classic
Eiffel for this color
Excuse Moi!
Get your number
Glints of Glinda
Honey Ryder
I have a herring problem
It's totally fort worth it
I theodora you
Lights of emerald city
My favorite Ornament
Pedal faster Suzi
Skulls and glossbones
Stay the night
Suzi says Feng shui
Tiffany Case 
Thanks a windmillion
The impossible
Wharf! wharf! wharf!
Yodel me on my cell
You're such a Budapest
You're such a Kabuki Queen

Beautiful Disaster
Black pixel
Buried Alive
Coffee Break
High on Hope
Love each other
Peaceful opposition

Polishaddict Nail color
Dorothy Gale

Green with envy

POP Beauty nail polish
Bare tease 
Pacific Hoot

Pure Ice
French kiss (x2)
I'll never tell 
Keep walking
Private show (x2)
Silver Mercedes
Spit fire
Tame me now
Wide awake

Cabana Boy
Miss Pixie

Ruby wing
Sweet Rose

Sally Hansen
Loyal Lavendar
Mermaid's Tale
Oh So fawn
Pacific Blue
Petal Pusher
Precious Pearl
Rockstar Pink
Snappy sorbet

Shimmer Polish

Sick Lacquers
I pink I blue up

A true romantic
Call your mother
Don't be so eggnocious
I need space
It's all about me

Sinful colors
After Party
Berry charm
Black Magic
Blue suede shoes
Boom Boom
Bottoms up
Candy coated
Cold leather
Cotton candy
Easy going
Endless Blue
Get it on
Glassy pink
Green Ocean
Ice queen
I miss you
In the spotlight
Into the blue
Laced Up
Leather loose
Let me go
Lets talk
Love nails
Lush life
Man hunt
Mint apple
Most sinful
My Buoyfriend 
My turn
Orange cream
Pink forever
Pull over
Purple diamond
Queen of beauty
Rise and shine
Ruby Mine
Ruby Ruby
Secret admirer
Set the mood
Snow me white
Song of summer
Sweet nothing
Sweet tooth
Sugar N Spice
Sugar rush
Vacation time
Who's the gloss
Why not

Smitten polish
I want it now

Stardust Polish
Down the rabbit hole
Eat me
Everyone's mad here
I'm seeing red
I'm going bananas
Iron born
Lavender Dream
Lilac Glass
North of the wall
Painting the roses red
Peaches and cream
Purple wurple
Rainbow train
Spiked Lemonade
Tickled pink
The grape gatsby
Unbirthday party
White dwarf opaque
Who are you?
Yes your majesty

Twee and honey
NYCGirls nail meet up glitter
Pinky the same thing we do every night

Too fancy lacquer
A pretty mistake

Peachy/orange (mini)
Navy blue flakie 

Urban outfitters
Freakin' Pink
Green Holo 
Sea Mist

Wet n wild
2% milk
Bite the bullet
Blank Canvas
Clock strikes orange
Club havana
I need a refresh-mint
Listening to blue reed
Private viewing
Stand the test of lime
Teal slowly and see
Through the grape vine
Who is ultra violet?

Whimsical Sky Lacquer
Blue Lightening
Caramel Apple
Paradise Punch

Wonder beauty products
Grammy girl
Rocking my grammy panties


ZR's Polish
Wine a little 


Above the curve
What no buy??

Bubblelina Polish
Blood on the leaves

China glaze 
Charmed I'm sure
Tarty for the party 
Queen B

Lots of luxe
Sew psyched 
Using my maiden name

Emily De Molly 
Regal Beginnings

Ethereal Lacquer 

Lumina Lacquer 
Crushing candy

Nail pattern boldness 
Bigger on the inside
Hello sweetie
Slow invasion

Don't pretzel my buttons

Polish my life
Lilac love child
My Violet
Pumpkin mashup
Raspberry Roses

Shimmer kisses NP 

Milky way
Positively pink


Monday, October 22, 2012

Jade holografico nail polish swatch and review for "Psicodelica"

HEY DOLLS! I finally got hold of a Jade holographic nail polish. It’s been sold out on www.ninjapolish.com for weeks now and I was on the verge of giving up hope on ever getting it… until I caught wind of www.llarowe.com. I follow www.the-crumpet.com and I know she orders polish from this website. Based on her I knew it was a trust worthy site to order polish and boy was in for some amazing luck when I went on there. SHE HAS LIKE EVERY JADE HOLO THATS BEEN MADE FOR SALE ON THERE!! At $7 a bottle with a set shipping fee for ANY amount polish (Base shipping is $2.63 which isn’t terrible AT ALL, if you like me order polish in bulk) I couldn’t pass it up. I ordered my jade polish and waited (impatiently) for it to arrive.
Tada! Here is my Jade Psicodelica (Psychedelic)
In this shade, this polish looks like a very fine silver shimmer polish, but once it catches any bit of light the holo effect is AMAZING!
My one peeve about the polish is the smell. I know nail polish normally doesn’t smell good, but this smell, I can’t even describe it. All I can say is that it is a very strong, semi sweet chemical smell that assaulted my nose the first time I popped this sucker open. And it takes a while for the smell to dull down, so to speed it up I scrubbed my hands once my nails were dried and this seemed to help a bit.
Overall I totally get over the smell with the effect this polish gives my nails. Its amazing. It applied well and was opaque in 2 coats. Its nice and flat, doesnt suck up all the clear polish and give your nails a dull look and is a nice consistency. Not too thick and not too thin. Just perfect.
I plan on buying the whole collection, whenever I come into more money, but for now this will do. If you’re interested in buying this polish and experiencing it for yourself head over to www.llarowe.com and make your purchase! and check out some of the other great holos shes got up there by HITS and UP colors!
Catch ya later!

Nail art I've done so far (not all of them just some)

Kleancolor Firework nail polish swatch

Hey dolls! So when I saw this swatch online, I fell for this glitter polish. So I went out, bought it and tested it out and I was so…. disappointed! I hadn’t realized from any of the pictures that this polish has a yellow jelly base. I tested it over a nude-ish color and didn’t really like the way the yellow base looked. I mean I love yellow nail polishes, don’t get me wrong, but this yellow jelly thing is kinda meh. I know I’ll still use the polish regardless, but I may layer it in like a glitter sandwich or something.
So here’s how it looks. My pointer and ring finger have one coat over 2% milk and my middle and pinky have 2 coats.My other issue with this polish was that it was SUPER THICK. Like thick that I had to dab to get ANY hexagon glitters on my pinky and it’s really evident on my ring finger. This polish is not for someone who wants to try a glitter polish for the first time. I had major application issues. Some of the glitters also stuck off the tips of my nails and I had to push it back so it wasnt hanging off. This is the first polish by Kleancolor to disappoint me, color wise. It should definitely be layered over dark colors so you can’t see the jelly base.
I think I may be able to get over this flop if I find a great way to use it. I’ll keep looking and post back here with results.

Glitter sandwich

Hey dolls! Sorry for the delays in posting. I’ve been out working, and buying nail polish of course. Now I have about 16 new nail polishes I need to swatch and review. Yay more posts. Anyway, I’ve become pretty obsessed with the indie jelly nail polish looks. It’s pretty hard to find a name brand nail polish thats a colored jelly glitter polish like this : http://tanejasbride.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/alkisses-e1341769119699.jpg?w=692 So i went out to try a find a way to make it look like I was wearing an indie and then I realized I could just do a glitter “sandwich”, layering the glitter polish over a color and putting a milky coat on top. So off I went searching. I went to duane reade because they allow you to test certain polishes on your finger. I found one called Frappe by nailtini but at $13 for a nail art sized bottle I wasn’t feeling too okay with buying it since I knew I would be using it a lot. So off I went to the wet n wild section because that polish NEVER lets me down. Looking through the new line that I’ve seen appear in recent months, I picked up a color called 2% Milk and though usually you cant test the wet n wild polishes I did one quick coat on a test nail and knew this polish was perfect for what I needed. and without further ado, here’s the polishes I used.
The base coat is by soo nails. It’s a calcium base coat. The top coat is by NK and it’s called express. It’s a fast dry top coat that dries like essie’s good to go so I’m so smitten by it, 2% milk by wet n wild and Tazmanian Devil by Confetti.
Here’s a lovely macro shot of Tazmanian Devil by confetti. It’s a really gorgeous glitter. It goes on without any application issues and the glitters lay flat.
  I started with a base coat. Let it dry completely and applied 2 coats of 2% milk. After those dried I layered on 2 coats of tazmanian devil and let those dry. Then I applied a very thin coat 2% milk again over my glitter. I sealed it all in with 2 coats of NK express and I was good to go. This design is also work friendly since the thin coat of polish over the glitter dulls it down a bit and makes it look not so flashy. I love the look and had no application issues with any of my polishes and 2% milk has this awesome pro-brush tip that helps you cover without getting messy.
I can definitely see myself wearing this polish design a lot. It’s cute and simple. And 2% milk is an amazing nude-ish color that I find actually compliments my skin tone so even by itself it’s a gorgeous polish and I know I will be picking up more bottles of it. At $1.99 you can’t go wrong. 2% milk and Tazmanian devil ran me $3.98 before tax and NK express was $1.00. For around $5 bucks I got a pretty cute mani. Don’t you agree ? :)