Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Glisten and glow ridge relief base coat Testing Part 1

So yesterday, I decided it would be an awesome time to dye my hair. I had a fresh new manicure on so I would be putting this basecoats lasting power to the true test. I'm gonna list all the things I did before I post photos of my manicure 

-Washed dishes (4 times) 
-Washed my hands themselves 10 times (yes i counted)
-Messed with some flour 
-Dyed my hair 
-Washed my hair and conditioned it (I also flat ironed it which needs the use of oil and you guessed it MORE WATER!) 

Aside from my fingers looking blue and me looking like a murdered a smurf, this basecoat really helped my mani stick through all the abuse my hands endured. 

So here are my hands: 

2 chips on my left hand 

2 chips on my right hand

only 1 thumb chipped! 

I could've easily gotten away with my nails in this condition another 2-3 days but, lets face it, chipped nails bother me! I think for the amount of water I used all over my hands AND blue hair dye this is amazing and aside from those few chips no other nails were peeling or lifting. The polish was basically glued and stuck just where it was. 

I decided to sleep with the nails as is and when i woke up they looked the same as they had the night before, no further chipping and no peeling, alas, I took them off and just reapplied the basecoat after some tender love and care to my poor abused babies. 

Excuse the blue staining (if you can still see it) 
I'm happy to say this basecoat helped lessen the appearance of the blue thats on the tips of my nails. 

Sorry for the awkward hand pose, its so hard to pose with my right hand XD

I love the almost milky color this basecoat gives and it makes my nails look super healthy. So aside from keeping polish on your nails where it belongs it also brightens and lightens your nails in a lovely way. 

I am about to start a new manicure using this base coat again and hopefully tomorrow we'll see how my nails held up with a little less damage. 

Thanks for reading! Bye! 

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